Who We Are

Banner Prep is a partnership school with MPS, and has been since 2006. We are what's known as an MPS "Behavioral Reassignment" school, but we define ourselves by a lot more than just that. We help students get back-on-track academically, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally. At Banner we emphasize relationships and we want to get to know both students and families as we work together on educational and life goals. It's worth noting that we are not an "open-enrollment" school, meaning that you are not able to just sign up to attend our school. We only accept students that have been referred here directly from MPS Central Office, and that is the only way to gain admittance.

"Recknowledgment" Words (Recognition & Acknowledgement)

In an effort to define our school's culture for newcomers, the Banner staff came together to list the words, plain and simple, that we want to help define our school and it's culture. These words should give you a window into what we value at our school, what you can expect while you're here, and what we're trying to infuse into everybody involved - staff and students. Our "Recknowledgment" words are:









Creative Energy





Our Mission

Through quality educational opportunities and experiences, Banner Prep provides an atmosphere where learning is both meaningful and enjoyable, and directs academic and personal strengths toward growth and achievement for each student. We want to play an instrumental role in the successful development of students with personal integrity - who have a desire to become creative, thoughtful, and productive individuals within their chosen life vocations, and with a commitment to service and lifelong learning.

Our Goals: