School Updates

1/10/22 - Virtual Learning again this week

Please see information below:

1/4/22 - Virtual Learning this week

Dear Banner students and parents/guardians,

Thank you for picking up your work packet. COVID is yet again asking us to pivot and make changes on the fly, so we appreciate your flexibility. We want to lay out the plan for this week, 1/4/22-1/7/22, so we’re all on the same page:

  • This packet includes work for each of the classes on the student’s schedule that has been attached to the outside of this folder

  • Each day that we are virtual the student needs to contact their 2nd hour teacher by email or text message EVERY DAY to be counted for attendance (See below for info on how to access your MPS email address)

    • See below for teacher email addresses and phone numbers

  • We are asking that the students complete all the attached work, and return it to the Banner building on Monday January 10th*

    • *As of now we are planning to return to in-person learning on Monday the 10th, but if the district decides to extend this virtual learning, we will have a new work packet ready for you to pick up on Monday as you’re dropping off this one.

    • Some of the work in the packet may require you go to visit portions of this website etc., or you need to follow alternate instructions that will be laid out with each assignment.

We recognize that shifts like this are difficult, especially so last minute, but we are here to do whatever we can for you and for your student, and we are so grateful for your patience and willingness to figure this out together.


Dr. Yeldell, Principal

Banner Teacher Contact Info

Ms. Brickhouse (Biology / Earth Science / Chemistry)


  • 414-215-0673

Mr. Egelkrout (English 9 & 10 / Citizenship)


  • 414-216-3433

Mr. Jackson (Ripple Effects)


Ms. McDowell (Art)


Ms. Morgan (Black History / US History / World Geography)


  • 414-502-7282

Mr. Solomon (Algebra & Geometry)


  • 414-220-0053

Ms. Thielen (English 9, 11, & 12)


  • 414-369-2362

Mr. K. Yeldell (Career Choices)


  • 414-502-7579

Accessing MPS Student Email Addresses

  • Students can access their MPS Gmail account by going to and selecting “Student Toolbox” in the Quick Links section.

  • When logging in to their MPS Google account on a PC, students will type in their Student ID plus Example:

  • Student Chromebook login information. Each child’s seven-digit student ID number starts with the letter “s” — for example, s1234567. The password is your child’s date of birth using the format MM/DD/YY. This is the 2-digit month, 2-digit date, and 2-digit year. A student born on March 5, 2001 would enter 03/05/01.

  • When using a Chromebook, students can access Gmail by:

      • Selecting the link to Gmail on the Chromebook shelf, similar to Google Classroom.

      • Clicking on the Gmail icon under the Google apps menu.

  • Students can call the Technology Support Center at 414-438-3400 or send an email to if there are questions about their Gmail account.

12/16/21 - COVID Omicron Information

Parents, guardians, and families! The Banner staff want to encourage you and your loved ones to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Click on the article below from the New York Times about the new Omicron variant, what we know about it, and how vaccination is important.

11/29/21 - Field Trip

Banner students contributed to the 2021 Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival by decorating a tree downtown with ornaments made in our very own art class. The ornaments are snowflakes and "ice" banners featuring our schools "Recknowledgment" words, and can be seen below! (See the "Who We Are" page for more on Recknowledgment)

11/3/21 - Scholarship for seniors opportunity for seniors!!


(Copy and paste the above link into your browser)

8/16/21 - COVID Protocol, 2021-2022 School Year:

The following protocol is in effect from Monday August 16th, 2021 until an undetermined time, based on MPS/DPI/CDC guidelines. Protocol will be updated on an ongoing basis as necessary.

  • All staff, students, and visitors will be required to wear a mask in the building at all times. If a legitimate reason can be confirmed for this to be impossible, other personal protective equipment will be required.

  • Masks and gloves will be available to all staff, students, and visitors daily.

  • Visitors will be limited to only those people required to enter the building.

  • All students will have their temperature checked at entry, and if above the recommended level or if they are showing COVID symptoms of other kinds, will not be allowed to class. They will be placed in an isolation room across from the main office for monitoring until a parent/guardian or medical assistance arrives.

  • Upon entry student electronics will be placed in an individualized container which they’ll collect back at the end of the day. All other personal items will go into their individual lockers, aside from their school supplies which they can carry around with them.

  • The south staircase will be signed and used exclusively to go up in floors; the north staircase will be signed and used exclusively to go down in floors.

  • Hand sanitizer will be available in all rooms and hallways and encouraged for regular use. Hazmat materials are available in the office if needed.

  • All staff, students, and visitors will maintain 3-6 feet of social distancing. Student’s desks have been moved as such, all hallway movement will be staggered to allow for the distancing, etc.

  • Lunch will be brought to students in their classrooms and students will eat at their desks.

  • All high-touch surfaces will be sanitized on a regular basis across the building.

  • Staff will meet at the end of each day to discuss any adjustments needed to be made for improved safety protocol, and to review any updates from the CDC and MPS/DPI if available.