Parents/ Guardians

Parents/guardians, we want you to know that we are invested in helping your student learn and grow. Being a smaller school allows us to commit time and energy into really getting to know your student, what makes them tick, and what their aspirations are.

This requires they be here though. At Banner we really emphasize the importance of attendance - without it we have a much harder time meeting student's needs on all levels. Regular attendance is the key to success at our school. If your student is going to miss school for any reason, we ask that you call our front office each time to let them know, at 414-461-9561.

Also, we would love to connect with you as much as you're willing to connect with us. Please know that calling, emailing, or stopping by after school to check-in with us about the status of your student is welcomed! We want to keep you up-to-date and have you in the loop on your student's success.

For all things parent/guardian related relative to Banner please contact our parent coordinator Ms. Simpson at 414-461-9561 or, or for general information please see the MPS Parent/Student Handbook at the link below: